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Welcome to the Nightcliff Lions 
District 201C2, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


At Nightcliff Lions were not just a club, we are a community who support each other and care for our beautiful home of the NT as well as creating change in the wider world. 

Lions is a non-political, non-religious, not-for-profit organization, aimed at serving the community. 


We need members, we need Darwiners who can volunteers a few hours a month to do service to the community. Contact Us

We have a business meeting on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday every month and often have a social on the other Tuesday.

Buy Lions Xmas Cakes

So popular

Check out our volunteering outlets

Help the Blind

Would you like to help the Blind in Australia?

We need help!
Nightcliff Lions needs new members to help collect the contributions made in over 120 donation dogs in Darwin down to Adelaide River.

Just use Contact Us or leave a message.

We have other service opportunities and always open to new ideas.

What are we doing and how could you join in and help?

  • Feed the homeless once or twice a month. For this we need cooks who prepare 10 vegetarian meals or more in recyclable take-away boxes. Our cooks are either members or Friends of Nightcliff Lions. We need a driver and assistant to distribute these wonderful meals. Currently this project is on hold due to lack of volunteer cooks.

  • Raise funds selling Christmas cakes.

  • Recycle used spectacles to the third world. Donate, click here

  • Partnership with Project 21

  • Partnership with Tejinder Food Van

  • Guide Dogs SA & NT Empty Collection Dogs with Project 21

  • Beer Can Regatta

  • Carols at Candle Light

Our parent organisation, Lions International have global projects to reduce diabetes, improve eyesight health, reduce hunger, protect the environment, reduce childhood cancer.

Join us as a Nightcliff Lion or as a Friend of Nightcliff Lions and get monthly opportunities to serve the community.

We are open to ideas for new ways to serve the community and new partnerships with organisations we can support.

You volunteer service in areas you feel comfortable with. There are no obligations!

We have fun serving the community. We would love for you to join us if you have a little spare time, and an interest in helping your community.

 ☑️ Club Members


Our amazing members create support and connection in community through support events and causes, fundraising and supporting those less fortunate. 

See our awesome team here. 

Email us to join our next meeting. 

 ☑️ Projects 


Nightcliff Lions have a range of projects and causes we support. This includes 


Local projects such as the Feed the homeless run, Project 21 Tennis fun, and the Beer Can Regatta. 


Supporting community groups such as the Children's Film Festival and Sids n Kids and fundraisers and BBQ's. 

As well as working with Lions International to make sure together we serve.

Want to get involved? Contact us 

See more information on projects here.

 ☑️ Volunteer 


Got some free time and want to give back? We have many volunteer opportunities for you. 

Have a look at our projects and contact us if you would like to be involved. 

You can give as much or little time as you have. We welcome everyone. 



Everyone is welcome 

We have a business meeting on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday every month and often have a social on the other Tuesday.

Our business meetings are usually at Project 21 Offices, Coconut Grove at Clock Tower 


Contact us for details 

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